2022 Mazda SST prices: Mazda 3 up to RM5.4k more; CX-5 up RM6.9k, CX-8 up RM9.1k, CX-30 up RM5.4k


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Mazda is next to update its price list following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. As the trend goes, prices have gone up with the removal of the exemption, with the largest increment being RM9,190 in terms of monetary value, or 4.2% if we look at percentage.

The model with the most substantial price increase is the MX-5 RF, with both the manual and automatic variants costing around RM9.1k more compared to before. Meanwhile, the CX-9 range has been reduced to just the 2.5T 2WD with the Ignite Edition appearance package, which is priced RM8,763 more at RM328,610 on-the-road without insurance.

As for the Mazda 3, prices have gone up by as much as RM5,380, while the Mazda 2 sees a price hike of RM2,400 for both the sedan and hatchback. Those interested in the Mazda 6 will need to pay just over RM7k more for the 2.5L variants, or RM5,242 for the sole 2.0L option.

The CX-3 continues to come in a single 2.0 2WD variant, which now costs RM4,530 more with SST exemption at RM131,359. The price increases for the CX-30 vary between RM4,300 to RM5,370 across its five variants, which include two Ignite Edition options.

Moving on to the popular CX-5, the turbocharged variant of the SUV now sells for RM183,778.50, or RM6,926.40 more than before, with the 2.5 High 2WD seeing the second highest increase in the line-up by RM6,852.50 – others went up by as much as RM6,058.20.

Lastly, the CX-8 was recently revised a few days before the SST exemption ended, with equipment enhancements across the range that now includes a turbocharged variant. On the former, the previous 2.5 Mid Plus 2WD variant is now known as the 2.5 High 2WD, which has instead been renamed as the 2.5 High Plus 2WD.

The 2.2D AWD High also lost its all-wheel drive system and is now known as the 2.2D High Plus 2WD. With that in mind, prices have indeed gone up – by as much as RM9,135 – although this is due to a combination of SST returning as well as the revisions made.

No price changes for the BT-50 as it is classified as a commercial vehicle and didn’t benefit from the SST exemption. The MX-30 launched alongside the CX-8 only came with SST-inclusive pricing for the EV High variant, which sells for RM198,780 – there’s also an EV Mid option but we don’t have a figure for that just yet.

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