2022 Perodua Alza new teasers – ceiling-mounted rear AC vents, low ride height for easy entry to third row


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It’s been several days since we last reported on a Perodua Alza teaser, and in the time since, the carmaker has released four new ones to keep us entertained until the MPV’s launch.

Let’s start with the two most recent snippets, both of which focus on the rear passengers. The first, which was released just a few hours ago, highlights the Alza’s ceiling-mounted air vents directed at those in the second and third row.

In a shot of the vehicle’s interior, we can also see a dial to control the fan speed of the rear blower, and this setup is nearly identical to the one in the Avanza which the all-new Alza is based on. The outgoing model didn’t come with rear vents, so this should be a very welcomed feature.

Also visible are a grey headliner and part of the dashboard, the latter unsurprisingly appearing very similar to the Avanza with a touchscreen mounted on the top above the centre air vents and digital AC controls.

Meanwhile, teaser video #9 is about practicality, specifically getting into the third row. Perodua says the Alza will have a low ride height with a ground clearance of 160 mm – the Indonesian-spec Avanza has a higher ground clearance of 205 mm for the 1.5L variants.

The low ride height is said to provide more stability and should also help with ingress and egress. Based on the video, there appears to be quite a lot of room to get into the third row with part of the second row folded forward, at least for a child.

As for teaser #8, it focuses on the Alza’s 360-degree panoramic view monitor, which is a first for Perodua together with an electronic parking brake. Another practical feature, it should help drivers navigate narrow areas like parking lots and certain streets.

Lastly, teaser #7 is about the 2NR-VE 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine used in the Alza, with the EEV-rated Dual VVT-i motor said to be good for a claimed 22 km/l in the Malaysian Driving Cycle (MDC).

The tentative RRP for the new Alza is RM62,000 for the X, RM68,000 for the H and RM75,000 for the AV. These prices are on-the-road, without insurance for Peninsular Malaysia. Click the links above to check out the previous teasers, and here for our full first details report and spec-by-spec comparo piece to learn more about the new Alza. With all the teasers revealed so far, are you excited for the launch of the all-new Alza? Have you already placed a booking?

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