25 km/h limit for micro-mobility vehicles in Malaysia?


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A proposal from the Town and Country Planning Department (PLANMalaysia) covers a new guideline on the use of micro-mobility vehicles on the road. This includes a proposal to limit the speed of micro-mobility vehicles such as beam scooters and the like to 25 km/h, reports national news agency Bernama.

Scheduled to be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport (MOT), PLANMalaysia Director-General Dr Alias Rameli said the department is finalising the micro-mobility guideline. Other areas covered under the guideline include road marking and specific routes as well as a mandated speed limit.

Saying such micro-mobility vehicles can move as fast as 50 km/h, Dr Alias feels regulation is a better option than outright banning. Such micro-mobility vehicles reduce carbon emissions while being zero noise and convenient, especially for urban use.

Plans are being made to adapt micro-mobility vehicles to suit existing laws and regulations under the aegis of local governments and the Road Transport Department (JPJ). Upon finalisation, the plan will be forwarded to the Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) as well as the MOT.

Such micro-mobility devices are currently banned from use on Malaysian public roads, gazetted under the Road Traffic (Prohibition of Use of Certain Microbility Vehicles) Rules 2021 and in effect since December 17, 2021. The ban covers mopeds, personal mobility aids (i.e. motorised wheelchairs, mobility scooters) and personal mobility devices (i.e. e-scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, kick scooters).

The MOT defines micro-mobility vehicles as those powered by electricity, an internal combustion engine, or human power, or human power combined with any of the previously mentioned two, with a maximum speed of 50 km/h. While bicycles are also considered a type of micro-mobility vehicle, MOT has ruled these are not prohibited from roads, although riders must still comply with existing rules under the Road Transport Act and Road Traffic Rules.

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