AD: Buy a new BMW or MINI from Wheelcorp Premium, enjoy up to RM9.3k in gifts with the Merdeka promo!


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Celebrate freedom with a new car purchase this month as Wheelcorp Premium is holding a Merdeka Celebration sales promotion in this month of August, which takes place August 13 to 14. Here, you’ll find great financing deals on new BMW and MINI purchases as well as a host of free gifts.

Get cash rebates of up to RM30,000 when you buy a BMW with Wheelcorp Premium, and when you do, you’ll receive complimentary Merdeka sign-up gifts worth up to RM9,257. These consist of Trapo Classic car mats worth up to RM480, BMW car care product set worth RM486, a BMW Floating Wheel Centre Cap set worth RM585, and vouchers for window tint from Rayno worth RM3,300.

There’s more. You will also receive a BMW M suitcase worth RM1,420, a BMW credit card holder worth RM486, as well as vouchers for vehicle coating worth RM2,500.

Looking to buy from the iconic British brand? Your purchase of a MINI will also come with attractive financing rates and irresistible cash rebates, along with complimentary Merdeka sign-up gifts worth up to RM7,110.

With your purchase of a new MINI from Wheelcorp Premium, you will get a Trapo Classic car mat set worth up to RM480, vouchers for Rayno window tint worth RM3,300, a voucher for vehicle coating worth RM2,500, as well as a MINI Kids Wing trolley – complete with debossed logo – worth RM830.

Ready to celebrate independence this month with your purchase from Wheelcorp Premium this month? Click here to find out more, and you may find yourself on your way to buying a new BMW or MINI very soon.

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