GasGas motorcycles now in Malaysia, enduro and motocross, range from RM39,500 to RM48,000


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Making its first appearance in Malaysia under distributors Eurotech Wheel Distribution is Spanish motorcycle brand GasGas. Famed for its off-road motorcycles and recently purchased by Austrian motorcycle maker KTM, GasGas is offering three models with six model variants in Malaysia.

These are the motocross designed GasGas MC250, priced at RM39,500 with the MC250F going for RM39,800. In its enduro range of off-road two-wheelers, available model options are the GasGas EC250, priced at RM40,800, the EC300 at RM45,800 and the EC250F and EC350F, priced at RM47,000 and RM48,000, respectively.

The MC range from GasGas uses two-stroke single-cylinder engines and are meant for competition use only, while the EC lineup comes with four-stroke singles. This initial offering from GasGas Malaysia will be followed by other models in the range within the next few months.

Looking first at the GasGas enduro lineup for Malaysia, the choices are the EC250F and EC350F four-strokes, along with the EC250 and EC300 two-strokes. For the EC250 and EC300, the main difference is in engine capacity, displacing 249 cc and 293.2 cc, respectively, with Continental engine management.

All other equipment remains the same including six-speed transmission, WP X-Plor upside-down 48 mm diameter forks with 300 mm of travel, WP XAct mono shock, Braktec braking system, 8-litre fuel tank and an overall weight of 105.8 kg. A rudimentary head and tail light are fitted to comply with enduro rules.

Moving to the EC250F and EC350F, specifications are the same as the EC250 and EC300 save the four-stroke engine, the EC250F displacing 249 cc while the EC350F gets 349 cc, with fuelling done by Keihin. This has an impact on weight, with the EC250F tipping the scales at 105.6 kg while the EC350F comes in at 106.4 kg, while seat height is set at 960 mm.

At the “low-end” of the GasGas range for Malaysia are the two-stroke motocross models, the MC250 and MC250F. Intended for competition use only, the MC250 and MC250F do not come equipped with road-legal requirements such as lights and mirrors.

Lightened for race use, the MC250 comes in at 95.5 kg while the MC250F weighs a claimed 99 kg. The significant difference between the two similar GasGas motorcrossers is in the engine specification, the MC250 getting a long stroke engine with 66.4 mm bore and 72 mm stroke, while the MC250F is short-stroked, using a 78 mm bore and 52.3 mm stroke.

There is a minor difference in fuel capacity, the MC250 getting a 7.5 litre tank while the MC250F makes do with half a litre less at 7 litres. Equipped with a five-speed gearbox, the GasGas MC bikes get a Brembo hydraulic clutch.

Suspension is done with WP XAct, with 48 mm diameter upside-down forks and mono shock, giving 310 mm and 300 mm of travel, front and rear, respectively. Braking uses single hydraulic discs with seat height set at 950 mm.

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