Hari Raya 2022: Emergency lane to be used as “Smartlane” – 3.1km between PD Utara-Seremban


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PLUS has announced that a 3.1 km stretch of emergency lane between KM 260 and KM 263.1 north-bound on the PLUS highway will be used as an additional “Smartlane” in order to provide additional capacity on the highway to smoothen traffic flow during peak hours.

The “Smartlane” will function this weekend but note that PLUS did not give any specific time that the “Smartlane” will be activated, just that it will be based on the current traffic situation. If you wish to exit at the Seremban toll plaza, you can use the “Smartlane”.

Remember not to abuse the emergency lane at other sections of the highway that’s not activated as a “Smartlane”. Don’t cut the queue like the Proton X70 in the video above – you’re not special!

As always, remember that you need to exit the highway using the same payment method that you entered with. If you enter using RFID, exit using RFID. The same applies to TnG/SmartTAG.

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