Is the 2022 Honda ADV 160 coming to Indonesia soon?


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A teaser post on the @welovehonda_id Instagram account from Indonesian Honda motorcycle distributors seems to indicate an updated Honda ADV 160 is coming soon. According to the Instagram post, the unveiling of this new scooter model will likely take place this month.

Despite the low lighting in the video, what can be seen is the resemblance of the upcoming scooter to the rugged looks of the currently popular Honda ADV 150. However, we can’t be sure which specific ADV version will be launched, though from the shape and size of the silhouette in the video, it does not match up to the Honda ADV 350.

In case anyone might be thinking it is the ADV 350, there are differences in the pillion seat grab rail, seat, front fender as well as a different headlight shape. It does come close to the ADV 350, but other differences include the front windshield that is wider and taller.

Aside from the cosmetic differences, many are speculating this new Honda scooter will receive the new 156.9 cc engine that is currently used in the Honda PCX 160, Vario 160 and Air Blade 160. Several of Malaysia’s ASEAN neighbours have already received variants on new Honda scooters using the 160 engine while Malaysia has yet to get any model updates.

Going by what has been done to the Vario 160, expect to see revised body panels and other upgrades. This might not take the form of a total makeover, as the Vario 150 was previously known to have some design shortcomings in the bodywork whilst the ADV 150 did not, which will mean just minor bodywork changes taking place.

For the Vario 160, the single-cylinder engine with liquid-cooling is rated at 15.4 PS at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. This compares against the 13.1 PS and 13.4 Nm of the Honda Vario 150.

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