Lego Optimus Prime can transform into a truck – pre-orders open for 1,508 piece set arriving in June 2022


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If you grew up in the 80s, I guarantee that this latest set 10302 from the Lego Creator Expert series will excite you! We can now buy a Lego Optimus Prime in his original G1 form (none of that Michael Bay nonsense) and the best part is it can actually transform!

Yes, this 2-in-1 set doesn’t require you to break it apart and rebuild it again. It wouldn’t be a Transformers set if it couldn’t transform now, would it?

In the original G1 form, the ‘classic’ Optimus Prime was based on a red and blue Freightliner FL86 cab over semi truck. This Lego set builds a 13.5 inch tall version of the robot form for you to display and think back of the good old days. In truck mode, Optimus Prime is 10.5 inches long.

It comes with a bunch of accessories as well, like an ion blaster gun, a battle axe, a jetpack, the Autobot Matrix of leadership and an energon cube.

The US market RRP is US$169.99, and we can already see some Lego sellers taking pre-orders on Shopee. If you want to order one, head to one of the Shopee links below.

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