Lorry driver had enough of queue cutters on a busy road, proceeds to blare Darude’s Sandstorm at them


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As a motorist, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of queue cutters on the road. The act of queue-cutting is frowned upon as it not only causes inconvenience to other road users but can also result in traffic congestion and accidents.

Recently, a video of a lorry driver berating queue cutters went viral on social media for reasons beyond just showing the effects of queue cutting. In the minute-long clip, the man pointed out that drivers who drove along the rightmost lane of a busy road would cut into the exit lane on the far left to skip the queue, further worsening the traffic jam.

While explaining, a white Perodua Myvi appears to attempt exactly what the lorry driver said and ended up behind two other cars (presumably doing the same thing), stopping in between lanes. At this point of the video, the lorry driver lost his cool and proceeded to honk at the vehicles to show his frustration and annoyance.

We’ve all heard a lorry’s horn before but what’s amusing about this particular lorry is it blared out the tune of the iconic and legendary Sandstorm by Finnish DJ Darude. After a few seconds of the 1999-released song, the queue cutters hurried away, although they can still be seen attempting to merge into the exit lane near the end of the video.

Nostalgia hit aside, it’s important to make sure that you are in the right lane before entering a junction because queue-cutting isn’t a very nice thing to do. Please be considerate or abang lorry might come around and fill your head with a lot of “duns.”

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