MIROS touring Malaysia to promote MyCRS child seat subsidy programme, immediate application approval


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The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has been reminding eligible recipients of the Keluarga Malaysia child seat subsidy programme (MyCRS) to immediately make a purchase for some time now. Child car seats are vital, they are being subsidised, but not everyone is taking action.

According to MIROS, the programme, which is to assist the B40 group to obtain child seats, has seen 256,202 eligible applicants out of a total of 473,346. This is 36% higher than the programme’s 188,000 limit.

However, the subsidy is given based on purchase and not eligibility, which is why those who are eligible have to make the child seat purchase immediately at 259 authorised outlets nationwide, or online. The list of authorised outlets can be obtained at www.mycrs.gov.my. MIROS says that the validity has been extended to three months from the tarikh semakan, so act now.

To spread the news, MIROS is going on tour. The Program Jelajah Subsidi MyCRS as a proactive move to educate parents on the importance of child seats, as well as to get more to purchase the subsidised seats. The outreach programme, which starts this month, will head to various government clinics (klinik kesihatan) and other selected locations across Peninsular Malaysia.

MIROS will assist those who are eligible to apply on the spot for the subsidy and get instant approval. Car seat distributors will also participate and dish out additional discount vouchers, while helping customers choose the right type of child car seat.

Announced in Budget 2022, the MyCRS subsidy is 50% and the maximum subsidy amount is RM150. The government’s allocation for this programme is RM30 million and it’s limited to 188,000 recipients. Each eligible person can claim subsidy for one child seat.

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