PEBS Selangor to run public policy competition on how to solve traffic congestion – propose your ideas


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Over the past few weeks, motorists have been complaining about the increased level of traffic congestion in the Klang Valley. Politicians have waded in on the issue, from stating that the government needs to address the issue immediately to significantly enhancing the coverage of public transport.

That’s the view of policy makers, but what about you, the motorist (or passenger), presumably tired of inching through traffic? Do you have ideas on how improve the situation? If you do, then you should pitch them in the Public Policy Competition titled “How To Solve Traffic Congestion.”

Organised by Penggerak Belia Selangor (PeBS), the competition invites young adults and youths to share ideas on how to combat traffic woes. It’s open to all Malaysians aged 17 to 30, and not only is it free to participate, there are cash prizes to be won, in this case RM1,000 for the team deemed to have come up with the best policy by the panel of judges. Finishing second nets you RM800, and third place secures RM500.

Only 10 teams of up to three members (who have to fulfil the age requirements above) will be admitted, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Teams who register thereafter will be placed on a wait list, and will be admitted, again on a first-come-first-serve basis, in the event of a drop out. Teams who have successfully registered will be contacted by the PeBS team.

The two-day programme consists of a workshop on June 9 from 10am-1pm, followed by the competition on June 16, from 9am-1pm, with the venues for these to be confirmed. All teams must attend both event dates physically; failure to do so will result in disqualification. It’ll be interesting to see what novel ideas will be proposed via the programme, for sure.

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