Portable EV track day at Sepang International Circuit, June 12 – for e-scooters, hoverboards, Segways


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Micromobility vehicles have been making the news of late, in particular for their interaction with other road users in larger motorised vehicles, which has already seen them banned from public roads.

Best to enjoy them off the public roads, then. Here’s just the opportunity – Sepang International Circuit is hosting an open track day for portable electric vehicles (PEVs) that fit the micromobility bill, which includes the likes of e-scooters, hoverboards, electric unicycles, electric skateboards and Segways, for the chance to enjoy the performance of these machines in a more controlled environment.

The PEV open track day will be held this Saturday, June 12 at the North Paddock of the Sepang International Circuit, from 7am to 12pm. The entry fee is RM62.50 per person (including 25% entertainment tax), with entry restriction on children below 12 years of age.

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As any track day programme should have in place, there are precautions to be taken; mandatory safety equipment includes a helmet and fully covered sports shoes at a minimum, while further protective kit such as knee guards and elbow guards are highly encouraged.

Some of these scooters can go incredibly fast and can be pretty expensive, for example a Dualtron Thunder 2 we saw on sale for RM18,800 and is said to be able to hit speeds of 100 km/h!

In keeping with the times, all participants must be fully vaccinated, and with the inherent risk involved in motorsport, participants enter the track at their own risk. Food and beverage can be purchased from the Pitstop Cafe located on-site.

More information on the upcoming portable EV open track day is available here, where you can book your slots via the online form.

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