Proton X50 now available with ATLAS OS by ACO Tech


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The Proton X50 can now receive ATLAS (ACO Tech Local Automotive Services) through an over-the-air update, ACO Tech has announced. The update may take up to 14 days to be received by all applicable vehicles, the firm has also noted.

First announced in September last year, the Malaysian-developed infotainment operating system was launched early June, offering significant improvements over the previous Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI).

We’ve also taken a look at the new infotainment operating system; our man Hafriz Shah has highlighted some of ATLAS’ key features such as its user interface, improvements to its voice recognition as well as navigation and other aspects.

A digital voice assistant is now better equipped to handle natural speech, while its app store will include Spotify in the future, following a partnership between ACO Tech and the popular music streaming service.

Other streaming services – such as Joox and Syok by Astro – will also be available to users of ATLAS, whilst enabling the personalisation of the system to its user’s preference. Phone mirroring is also supported on ATLAS OS, with deep integration into the vehicle that enables the control of functions such as climate control, safety features and to check on the vehicle’s status.

GALLERY: Proton X50 with ACO Tech Atlas OS

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