Proton X50 SST prices up to RM6.5k more – Standard RM84k, Exec RM90k, Prem RM99k, Flagship RM110k


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The updated prices of the Proton X50 range with SST has finally been revealed, more than two weeks after the tax holiday ended on June 30. Prices are now up by as much as RM6,500 compared to before.

The X50 Standard is now priced at RM83,800 with SST, up by RM4,600 or 5.8% over the previous price of RM79,200. This also means that the base variant no longer sits under the RM80k barrier. Next up, the X50 Executive goes for RM89,800 with SST, up RM5,000 or 5.9% compared to RM84,800 before.

Getting perilously close to the RM100k mark is the X50 Premium, now sold at RM98,800 with SST, up RM5,600 or 6.0% over the launch price of RM93,200. The X50 Flagship, meanwhile, is now priced at RM109,800 with SST, up RM6,500 or 6.3% next to the original price tag of RM103,300.

As a recap, the Proton X50 was launched within the tax holiday window, so it has never had SST prices before. This may be seen as a price increase for the popular SUV, though it’s largely out of Proton’s control and it has coincided with other brands having to do the same as well.

The Toyota Corolla Cross also had its prices inflated by as much as RM5.4k – now RM128k to RM140k – while the all-new Honda HR-V was just recently launched at a higher price range of between RM115k to RM141k.

By the way, the Proton X50 prices quoted here were briefly shown on the official website, before being taken down. However, the changes do appear in line with the X70’s SST price revision, with prices going up by as much RM7k. Should there be any changes down the line, stay tuned to for the latest updates.

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