Xpeng G9 – large electric SUV from RM200k in China


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This is the Xpeng G9, the Alibaba-backed Chinese automaker’s fourth EV in its line-up. It’s also Xpeng’s second SUV, a larger model than the compact G3i that it previously launched.

Like a lot of premium EVs, there are various combinations of motors and batteries – a ‘standard’ range RWD model, long range RWD models, and performance AWD models.

The standard RWD is no slouch, it still hits 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds which is quick, thanks to a 308 hp, 439 Nm motor. Range is 570 km. Upgrade to the long range RWD model and you get up to 702 km range.

The performance AWD model adds on an extra 235 hp, 287 Nm electric motor at the front. A combination of the two motors allows it to hit 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Xpeng calls the G9 the world’s fastest charging EV. It says it can charge at a rate of up to 480 kW at the peak of its charging curve.

Helping it achieve that 480 kW rate is of course a 800V battery architecture, which we expect most EV manufacturers (especially premium) to eventually migrate to.

How much does all of this cost? Pricing starts from 309,900 RMB (RM200k) in China for the standard model up to 469,900 RMB (RM300k) for the AWD 650X Launch Edition.

Will we ever see Xpeng in Malaysia? Born in left hand drive China, Xpeng seems to want to focus on left hand drive export markets for now. With demand for EVs far outstripping supply in general, we think there’s less reason for Xpeng to bother about right hand drive until it feels LHD markets are saturated.

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